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Gregory Palumbo, Esquire, has been practicing injury law since 1987 in the surrounding counties of Delaware, Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, Bucks, and the state of New Jersey. Palumbo & Associates passionately seeks to enforce victims' rights against insurance companies, hospitals, medical providers, large corporations, and product manufacturers. Our allegiance and loyalty is without question to our clients and the family relationship. We are not a large firm. We will be available to you every step of the way, through the pendency of your case and afterwards. In the Courtroom, we savor the process of a good fight. Very often, prior to and at trial, only the threat of financial risk compels an insurance carrier to adequately compensate an injured victim. The financial risk is only obvious to an insurance carrier when your attorney has created a compelling case on your behalf. The most important reward for us comes form the hard work and effort that will enable us to work toward a fair resolution for our clients.




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Areas of Practice

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is brought against a health care professional when something they do or fail to do results in harm to the patient under their care. Negligence by a medical professional can include a misdiagnosis, an error in treatment or an error in illness management

Product Liability

Each day, Americans come into contact with countless consumer products. The phones they use, the cars they drive, the prescription drugs consumed, and the food they eat can all be considered consumer goods. Consumer products are regulated so that they do not cause undue harm. Unfortunately, many consumers are still wrongly injured every year due to failures in manufacturing, design and marketing of products..

Negligence & personal injury

Proving negligence in a personal injury case is essential to helping clients obtain the compensation that they deserve. At Palumbo & Associates we understand that wrongly injured individuals who are suffering because of the wrongful, intentional, or careless acts of another individual often feel worried about what the future may hold.

Automotive accident

If you were recently involved in a car accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the driver or other party that caused the collision and your injuries. This can make it far easier to begin rebuilding your life and moving on, even in the face of mounting medical costs and lost earnings.

Premises Liability

Some of the most commonly filed personal injury lawsuits in Pennsylvania are lawsuits that involve premises liability accidents. These accidents often revolve around a landlord or building owner's failure to properly address accidents and maintain the safety of the premises for tenants and visitors alike.

Wrongful Death

Palumbo & Associates are here to help bereaved families who lost loved ones at the hands of someone else's wrongful actions. We can help you file a wrongful death claim seeking compensation for your financial burdens, medical expenses, funeral expenses, and emotional grief.


The precepts of the law may be comprehended under these three points: to live honestly, to hurt no man willfully, and to render every man his due carefully


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